Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mrs. V's Famous Peppermint Cupcakes

Mrs. V. sent me pictures of her wonderful peppermint cupcakes! She made these for my grad program's winter/holiday party in December (2010), but I didn't take pictures of them for some reason (even though they are my favorite of her cupcakes so far), so now I am finally posting about them. Here's her description: "Peppermint w/ peppermint white chocolate cream cheese frosting (w/ the peppermint Hershey kiss in the middle and topped w crushed candy canes)." Perfect. I have a weakness for cream cheese frosting. I would seriously make these year-round. Who cares if it's not Christmastime? Kinda like how I would eat pumpkin-flavored things at any time of year too (Melissa and Mia love pumpkin too). See here and here for more of Mrs. V's cupcakes!

I remember everyone around me at the party being so surprised and excited about the kiss in the middle. Melissa took one home and found frosting on her purse later.

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