Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harlem Wing & Waffle

Harlem Wing & Waffle
Website here.
12/29/10 w/ Valerie, Jenny, & Desiree

* Sadly, they are no longer in Fresno at this location.

OMG I WANT THIS RIGHT NOW. Sooooo good. It was one of those meals that totally hits the spot. The perfect amount of food (although technically I could have eaten way more!), great flavors, and a decent price. This was my first chicken-and-waffles experience. I remember when I first heard about these kinds of places during my sophomore year of high school (a volleyball team dad mentioned some place in LA) I was really confused about how those flavors would taste together--or even whether or not you were supposed to eat them together or if they just sold chicken and waffles at the same place. Well, I found out. You DO eat them together, and MAN I AM A FAN. I ordered the lemon pepper mini wings. They have various other flavors (e.g., Teriyaki, Jerk, Sweet N Sour, BBQ, Plain, Berry Hot, & Buffalo) and different kinds of plate options (these were the mini wings). Sweet-and-salty. The best.

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