Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favorite Blended Coffee Drink + The Original Peet's Coffee & Tea (Berkeley!)

#1 favorite blended coffee drink: Peet's Coffee's Caffe Freddo Extra Bold
#2 favorite blended coffee drink: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Black Forest Ice Blended (will post on this soon!)
It's gotta be extra bold and it can't have non-fat milk. I've experimented.
Did you know the first Peet's Coffee & Tea is in Berkeley?

Seriously. This drink makes me so happy. Actually, Peet's in general makes me happy. I first tried this drink right after a terrible job interview experience in San Francisco. I was exhausted, relieved, stressed, and scared and decided to take a break before I headed back to Berkeley, and thank goodness I did try it! If you like strong coffee flavors and drinks that aren't too sweet, you'll probably love this like I do. I didn't take a picture of the very first Caffe Freddo Extra Bold I had, but this was the last one I drank when I stayed in Berkeley the week of a conference in SF. I shared this with Steve and Rosemary in February of 2011.

Here's Peet's Coffee & Tea's description: "A more intense coffee experience. Freshly pulled espresso adds a bold coffee taste."

Here are their other Blended Freddo flavors. I had a "Caffe Freddo," and it was just not the same. I need that extra strong coffee flavor.


Anonymous said...

you are so right, corrie! i had a cafe freddo bold for the first time last week and it changed my life! seriously, though...i'm typically not a blended coffee drink fan, but hells bells and peanut was the best. blended. espresso. drink. ever!!!

Corriendo said...

YEAHH!! :) Glad you enjoyed it so much too! Yeah...other blended coffee drinks tend to be too sweet or not coffee-flavored enough for me.