Thursday, June 2, 2011

LinkTess's Place
25875 Barton Rd, Ste. 105
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Here's their vegetarian turkey sandwich. You don't have to get the pasta salad as a side. You can choose a fruit salad or a potato salad instead. The potato salad is on the more mustardy side, but it's still good enough for me to eat. I'm way, way picky about my potato salad. I don't like celery, a strong mustard taste, and I like it with eggs, big (or at least medium)-sized potatoes. I probably have a picture of Tess's potato salad somewhere. Maybe not. If I do, I'll find it. ANYway, this roast beef sandwich looks nasty 'cause it's all pink, but it was delicious.

I'm telling you, this kalamata & cheese bread is AWESOME! Thick, fresh, fluffy...and stuffed with olives that aren't too salty. And that pickle is the second-best pickle I've had. The first best was at Daily Grill in Fresno. Crunchy and not too salty or sour. I like pickles when they're not so pickle-y if that makes sense.

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