Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner at Pixar Studios!!

Pixar Studios
Emeryville, CA

February 2011 - When their theme was Toy Story

<< Isn't that the coolest visitor sticker?!

I went to a conference in San Francisco in February and was fortunate enough to stay in Berkeley with Steve, one of my favorite people in the world. I've blogged about him here before. Steve's buddy works at Pixar and invited a few of us to join one of their monthly employee/employee friends & family dinners and movie showings (it wasn't a Pixar film; it was Unknown) in their theater.
What an opportunity!! I was soo so excited. I still get excited thinking about it. I also kick myself for not knowing the names or faces of the Pixar stars/employers/artists/creators. Apparently the creator of Russell, the boy scout kid in Up, was walking around (not the kid who does his voice...the adult who created him!!) and I didn't even know it.

Here's a peek inside where people were eating (note the Woody to the left lol):

Here's my food and beer (they had food buffet-style with plenty of wine, beer, soda, etc.). The food was good but greeeeaasy!! Pizza, chili, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, etc.
But who cares? You're at Pixar!

 The employees' kitchen (should have taken more pictures!! They had loads of peanut butter, jelly, bread, milk, soy milk, olive oil, cereal, etc.):

The image they use for the women's restroom (so very appropriate...although unrelated to food):

The light turns on at night!! So cool!:

Picture below: You're supposed to sit in that giant chair and see what it feels like to be a toy. lol!


Daniel Duckworth said...

Was it full of awesome and happiness!? *so jealous*

Catherina said...

Super cool! What a trip that must have been =) And I definitely love the organization of the office food, the Bo Peep I think on the restroom door, and of course the lamp at the end all lit up =)

Corriendo said...

Daniel - Yes. Awesome and happiness everywhere. lol

Catherina - Yeah! It was a lot of fun! I wanted to take pictures of everything (like the sculptures, storyboards, and drawings upstairs), but they don't allow pictures upstairs. :/