Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vermicelli Salad (Bun) @ Pho Vinam - Riverside, CA

Pho Vinam
1201 University Ave, Ste. 107
Riverside, CA 92507

Alex ate a pork vermicelli salad, and I had a chicken one. Both of us enjoyed our salads (I LOVE vermicelli salads!! They're extra awesome on hot summer days...kind like Japanese somen salad). I'd go there again (this actually was my third time there), but it's not one of my favorite places. This was one of the better v. salads I've had, but it wasn't the best. I need to discover more Vietnamese places. I only know of two, and the second one was closed when I tried getting dinner the other day for Alex and me.

I've had their vermicelli salad and pho. Their pho was too salty when I had it, although it's possible that that was a fluke. Catherine said she liked her pho. Anyway, their vermicelli salad was pretty good, although the best I've had were at Pho Saigon in Berkeley and at the little Healthy Asian Foods (I don't know what the real name was) place in the Bear Cave on UC Berkeley's campus. I don't even know if that's still there or not. When I was just leaving Berkeley, they were having protests ( about whether or not they should move this small business out and move a Panda Express in. I hope that little place is still there. Anyway! Off topic. Pho Vinam is always busy, so maybe that says something, although out of 132 Yelp reviews, the average rating is three stars out of five. To me, that's not good. That's like...average. I'd say that I'd give their pho two stars out of five and their chicken vermicelli salad four stars out of five. The pho places in Fresno win hands-down for best pho. It's the cheapest, tastiest, fastest-served pho ever. Wow. I don't think I've ever talked about Fresno, Berkeley, and Riverside all in one food post.

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