Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh Strawberries 'n' Cream Granita

Summer 2011 granita #2! More to come. I'm obsessed. Yes...that is a sake cup above. The granita was made with fresh strawberries, whole milk, and sugar. That's it! So good! How much of each? That's up to you. I didn't measure. I just kept mixing in sugar until I thought it tasted good (you have to be careful when you use fresh strawberry chunks because they can be kinda sour when contrasted with sweetened milk.

I made this granita for Blake and Scott because Blake likes to eat strawberries, milk, and sugar together. Figured freezing the same ingredients would also be good to him. We shall see tonight!

I recently made a coffee granita here. Last summer I made a few fruit-based granitas for my grandparents, and they enjoyed them. What's awesome about any granita is that you can let it melt a little before you serve it, and it'll be both smooth and liquid-y and icy and crunchy! Like shaved ice turning into a milkshake (if you use milk as an ingredient).

The messier, not-so-great pictures of the granita-making process:

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