Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Pizza Night: Chicken, Pesto, & Mozzarella and Potato, Leek & Bacon

Catherine, Josh, and I made these two pizzas last night (9/21/11). We used recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks as well as a pizza dough recipe that Catherine got from The Food Network. Both pizzas were SO DELICIOUS, but Catherine and I agreed that the potato, leek, & bacon one was better (I think Josh chose the chicken one). This was the first time all three of us had cooked leeks, which are pretty much like giant green onions. I've eaten potato leek soup topped with truffle oil in Chicago on a food tour, and that was amazing too. That bacon and cooking the leeks in bacon fat made this first pizza. All three of us agreed that the potato pizza tasted better topped with sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes. Anyway, here are the pizzas we made!

I thought this leek chopped up was so pretty! Too bad I realized later that I hadn't included the rest of the dark green part. Next time.

 Delicious, garlic-y homemade pesto - made by Catherine & Josh:

 Chicken, pesto, & mozzarella pizza BEFORE:

  Chicken, pesto, & mozzarella pizza AFTER:

Potato, leek, & bacon pizza BEFORE:

 Potato, leek, & bacon pizza (AFTER):


Part of the work area:

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