Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Carrot Cupcake /w Cream Cheese Frosting - Teaser

I wasn't sure how long to keep this a secret, but M&M and I (mostly M&M) made carrot cupcakes for Jason's birthday. That's not the secret. The secret is that M&M and I are making a cupcake blog...but I can't link you just yet. That is why this is just a "teaser." We will post the carrot cupcake recipe there, along with other recipes and reviews of bakery-bought cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

Exciting! If you ever need a food photographer, I volunteer my services! :)

Catherina said...

Mmmm carrot cupcakes...been totally craving carrot cakes, pumpkin pies, and apple slabs. It's definitely the fall-spice, cozy feeling I want from baked goods right now lol. Looks delicious as usual Corrie!

Corriendo said...

thanks, michelle!

catherina - mmm me too!! anything pumpkin or apple...ahhhh or chocolate. mmm hot pumpkin chocolate sounds good. like hot chocolate but with pumpkin in it. hmm... maybe i'll try to invent some kinda drink.