Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spencer's Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA

Spencer's Restaurant
10437 Rosedale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93312

I love diners...and fast service, low prices, delicious food, and friendly service. Go here if you want that too and you happen to be in Bakersfield. Blake recommended this place to my parents and me, and it was perfect!

I got meatloaf (is it weird that I love meatloaf and always have?) with mashed potatoes and fried okra. This was my first time trying fried asparagus, and it was goood. I still love it in stir-fry dishes though!

My chicken & dumplings soup (so good!):

 I also love cornbread. This had the perfect grainy, firm-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside texture:

 My dinner came with a pie or cobbler, so I chose this cobbler but gave it to Blake. He said it was good, and it smelled awesome!


GABE said...

Yeah that is kinda weird you like meatloaf. I think mostly cause I only know one person that likes it but seeing a petite japanese girl downing some loaf would be great too! lol

Corriendo said...

haha! what?! only one person? i guess i do like weird things sometimes, but good meatloaf is GOOD!!