Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

I love these things so much. Their free samples really work on me! I had one and had to buy a box. They're basically Oreos but with crushed candy canes in the cream center. Yum! The only thing that bugs me about these is that they're called "Joe-Joe's" instead of "Joe-Joes." I guess the apostrophe makes it look better, but I'm just a grammar and punctuation nerd sometimes. Sorry...I had to say it! I also hate when restaurants spell things wrong on their menus. I've seen "wasabie" for "wasabi" before. Embarrassing.


Chris said...

I love these too :)
speaking of TJ's, I've started a food blog completely devoted to the store! WIll you subscribe since I sincerely value your food blog opinion?

-Chris S.

Corriendo said...

ohh a Trader Joe's food blog!! how awesome!!! have u tried the thai cashew mix? totally forgot the official name...but they're lime-y and spicy. so good!!

Corriendo said...

oh, and of course i'll subscribe!