Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teppanyaki at Sakura Chaya - Fresno, CA

They just do the fire thing for show. It's pretty effective in entertaining people though!
Teppanyaki = Cooking with an iron griddle. Nowadays they do this in front of the people about to eat.
...and without flash.

Sakura Chaya
690 East Nees
Fresno, CA 93720

Went to Sakura Chaya with old high school friends (and current newer buddies) over winter break. My cousin, Ashley, has been encouraging me to go here for their teppan yaki because she said it's better here than at other places. I've been here for regular dining several times because my family is in love with this place (lots of Japanese families go here, if that means anything to you as a potential customer/guest). It has a fantastic box lunch special, and the food quality is consistently great.

Fried rice is always good at teppan yaki places

My order: Teriyaki chicken. Sooo delicious!! I usually eat everything on my plate--including the side of fried rice. One time I cleared my plate the night of formal at my high school. Not sure if that was a good idea, but whatever. It was delicious.


Anonymous said...

we went there and food was horriable we were trying something new will never ever be back the place is filthy the restrooms worse then at a truck stop food horriable we been to Sakura Chaya love that one

Corriendo said...

I'm sorry your visit was so awful! I don't understand. You have been to Sakura Chaya and loved it despite that negative experience? My post was about Sakura Chaya.