Friday, March 30, 2012

By George! Pizza, Pasta, and Cheesesteaks

By George!
Inside the Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch Streets

Reading (pronounced "Redding")Terminal Market is an indoor marketplace with a bunch of different stores selling things like pizza, fresh smoothies, sushi, bakery treats, etc. Mia, Melissa, and I tried this cheesesteak in hopes of finally finding a really good one.

Cheese = Mix of cheddar and gouda (yum!)
I liked the cheese, but I could easily see people disliking its grainy-ness/chunkiness. This sandwich wasn't amazingly fantastic, but it was delicious, fresh, and hot, and way better than the cheesesteaks at Pat's and Geno's. I do have to say that I wish the bread had been less dry and tough. I like bread that's a bit crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I do love sesame seeds though. Someone on Yelp said the bread was "tough" too, so it wasn't just me. I keep hearing and reading about how great Tony Luke's is, but we never went there due to our limited time. After all, we were there for a conference--not to just goof off, although we did goof off outside of Philly and a teeny bit in Philly.


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