Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pat's vs. Geno's - Philadelphia, PA

Pat's King of Steaks (since 1930)
1237 E. Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Geno's Steaks (since 1966)
1219 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Celebrities who have eaten there

Here is Pat's. Nothing fancy. Seems like a cool, relaxing hang-out.

Here's the Pat's "pepper cheesesteak" with a side of onions, which looked and tasted not so great.

Notice anything about the cheese? It's a little bit cold and not melty AT ALL. So sad. The meat was good but not amazing. I didn't like the sour peppers, but some of my friends did. The bread was good.

Bleh. Did not even eat this after I tried it.

Provolone is still not melted.
 Now...on to Geno's:

Very different than Pat's on the outside. Very Vegas-like and fancy.

The bread was good

Cheese was slightly melted, but there wasn't a lot of it, and the meat was soooo dry and flavorless!

Slightly better onions than those soggy ones from Pat's, but Pat's had a better overall sandwich.
Overall notes:
* Neither Pat's nor Geno's has terrific cheesesteak sandwiches. I would not go back to either. I've heard from other people who have tried both places and people who are now living in Philly that neither is that good and that other less popular places are good like Bui's on Spruce & 38th, Tony Luke's at 39 E. Oregon Avenue. I did not try those places, but I am blogging about others soon.
* Pat's had a better cheesesteak overall. I had hear other people say this as well.
* Geno's had terribly dry and flavorless meat
* The cheese options at both places and in other places in Philly are whiz, provolone, and American
* The service was fast at both places, which might explain why the quality and flavor are not so great.
* Both places are open 24 hrs a day!
* Both had good bread - Soft, easy to eat, not soggy or hard
* I tried these places with three other girls who had very similar opinions
* It was fun comparing the places since they are right across the street from each other, but the so-called rivalry between the two is way over-hyped.

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