Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easy Homemade Watermelon Granita

I can't have my beloved Hawaiian shaved ice every day, so I have to make do without it by making homemade granitas.

Scraping inside the house

So easy and refreshing! Perfect for a hot summer day...or any day. You can also make coffee granita and fresh strawberry granita too.

(1) Blend watermelon in a Blendtec (any kind of blender should do)
(2) Strain out the goopy parts
(3) Eat the goop (or not?)
(4) Freeze the leftover juice
(5) Scrape frozen stuff with a fork
* I did add a little sugar, but I really didn't need to do that because the watermelon was sweet enough.

You can also add tonic water to a cup of the granita (or chunks of the granita, which is what I did) and suddenly it becomes fresh watermelon slushy soda. No caffeine.

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