Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Ol' Burgers - Paso Robles, CA

Good Ol' Burgers
1145 24th St.
Paso Robles, CA 93447

Website here.

Stopped by for lunch on the way to the coast (on the way back home we went to Superior Dairy). Seriously delicious burgers here. Tried their Yard Burger/Chicken sandwich, "Wagon Wheels" (onion rings), fries, and Coyote Burger.
Burger = tasty, peppery, flavorful.
Chicken sandwich = Thick, delicious BBQ sauce, real chicken (not the squishy stuff at some places) perfectly sized.
Onion rings = Huge and good. A little too big for me, but my dad got half fries/half onion rings, which I think was a good idea 'cause we got to try both and there weren't too many of either.
Fries = Good seasoning. Not outstanding because I'm really picky about fries, but good! I prefer thick ones...and my favorites are actually wedges and not the thin- or regular-cut fries.

Dad's Coyote Burger. Peppery and SO good!
Humongo onion rings--and these weren't the biggest ones!

My BBQ chicken sandwich. SO good! Thick. Tender. Delicious BBQ sauce. Perfect size.

Big sign hanging from the ceiling

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