Monday, June 25, 2012

Superior Dairy - Hanford, CA

Superior Dairy Products Company
325 N. Douty Street
Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 582-0481

This is part of California history right here (open since 1929). Even Huell Howser visited it on TV! I knew about it because I went on a school field trip to Hanford in third grade with my mom on a train, but I went back with friends in middle school, and then more recently I had their ice cream at the Farmer's Market in River Park in Fresno, CA. Today (6/25) my aunt, uncle, cousin and I stopped by on the way home from a family reunion on the Central Coast (on the way down my fam and I stopped at Good Ol' Burger). Superior Dairy's ice cream is delicious, and the scoops are GENEROUS (I think that's an understatement). Note: The bowls below = 1 scoop each! I do have to say that I have never had their regular food. Also, whenever you go there there are usually people of every age in there enjoying humongous scoops, sundaes, and milkshakes.

Chocolate, Fresh Peach, and Chocolate Chip!

A different/unique kind of chocolate. Very cocoa-y, according to my uncle & aunt. I agree!

With chunks of peach! My uncle loves this flavor.

Yummy and interesting in that it has tiny bits of chocolate.

A huuuuuuge sundae!

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