Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corrie Food in Cooking Across America - Country Comfort Cookbooks

Cooking Across America was officially released TODAY
(July 24th, 2012)!

Who'd have thought that I'd publish recipes in a cookbook before submitting a paper to an academic journal?! I was fortunate enough to publish a few of my/my family's recipes in the book! It's mostly a collaboration with my parents. :) Here's some info about the book and how I became involved:

I don't have pictures because I haven't received my copies yet, but you can go HERE and see all of the details and the front cover.

If you haven't heard of Country Comfort Cookbooks, they're a series of cookbooks created by Mary Elizabeth Roarke and her daughter, Nicole Roarke. Cooking Across America is their 6th and newest edition, and the idea of this book, as reflected in the title, was to collect a bunch of recipes from across America. What's neat about this is that there are brief anecdotes from people related to what inspired them to create this recipe, personal stories related to their dishes, etc. I can't wait to see it and read everything! Here is their Facebook page.

Anyway, how did I become involved? Mary Elizabeth contacted me in November of 2011 and asked if I'd be interested in contributing a few recipes because someone had referred her to my blog! WHAT? I thought it was a joke or some kind of spam message, so I had to look up this book series and everything related to it. I was SO exited when I found out it was a legitimate email!

I'll update this with pictures soon.

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