Wednesday, July 25, 2012

REAL Green Eggs & Ham @ Batter Up - Fresno, CA

Batter Up Pancakes
8029 N Cedar Ave
Fresno, CA 93720
(also located at 4025 W Figarden Drive #101, Fresno, CA 9372)
Website here.

*Note: They close at 2pm! They kicked us out because we didn't realize they had closed. Oops.

Ate here with Andrea! I love the blue corn pancakes here. So thick...and I love that grainy texture! "Grainy" might sound gross, but it's not. Imagine the texture of cornbread...but softer and less dense and in pancake form. I ordered the Green Eggs & Ham because a friend from high school who used to work here strongly recommended it to me. So glad I did try it! Delicious! It actually comes with two sides (I can't remember the options, but I ended up ordering a blue corn pancake and country potatoes). Here's the menu description: "Two Eggs Any Style, Ham Cooked in Basil Pesto & Butter"

They also have several interesting pancake options with ingredients like apples, chocolate chips, bananas, etc. baked IN and/or added on top of pancakes. Andrea had a really tasty pancake called The Nina: "Buttermilk Pancake(s) Chocolate Chips, Oats & Bananas ALL COOKED INSIDE THE CAKE" - Sooo good. You can really taste all of the ingredients. I'm really picky about banana things, and I approve of this one. No artificial or over-powering banana flavor. Yum!

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Lolo said...

That Lasagna looks AMAZING!