Friday, August 31, 2012

DiCicco's - Fresno, CA

1071 E. Shaw
Fresno, CA 93711

I did not know until recently that there are several DiCicco's not only within Fresno but in different cities like Madera...and that each one has different specialties. Well, this one that Blake and I went to was delicious! The bruschetta was sooo good. Very garlicy and flavorful. Our waiter said that he loves it too.

Here's some of the bread:

 Yummmy minestrone:

I had one of the menu items with vermicelli instead of whatever it was supposed to come with. All I know is that this came with basil, chicken, and mushrooms (three of my favorite things). Goood.

Blake's peppers, sausage, & pasta. Don't know the name of this either. My bad! We were just hungry and I forgot to make a note of the names. I couldn't even recognize it off a menu if I saw it.

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