Saturday, August 11, 2012

Matcha Cupcakes w/ Matcha Frosting From Ryan!

My birthday was a few days ago, but I was out of town on the actual day, so today my brother surprised me with homemade green tea cupcakes made with real matcha powder in both the base and the frosting! So good! He used this Food Network recipe. Below is the most green tea-ed out picture I have taken. Green tea leaves...matcha powder (basically the result of grinding the leaves)...brewed green tea cupcakes...and green tea buttercream frosting. Plus Japanesey dishes. My brother just told me that matcha is ground gyokuro leaves. I trust him because he used to work at a tea shop and is obsessed with drinking tea. He just said, "Not obseessed; it's called passionate." Excuuuse me, princess.

The plate looks upside-down 'cause of that fan, but it's not! Whew!

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