Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pappasito's Cantina - Dallas/Fort Worth Airport - Dallas, Texas

Pappasito's Cantina
DFW Airport , Terminal A, Gate A28
Dallas, TX

Here's a Texas post as a break from the San Diego food posts. I can't wait to show you our Boston food! Anyway, Blake and I weren't able to land in Texas for some reason, but our plane was also low on fuel, so we landed in Louisiana and then finally went back to Texas, only to miss our original flight home. Soo...we took the next available non-stop flight, which happened to be about seven hours later. UGH! BUT as we were preparing to hear the worst from the airport rep about when we could catch another flight, Blake and I mentioned visiting Cowboys Stadium and/or Texas Rangers Ballpark if we had enough time...and we did!! So we turned a negative thing into a very positive one! Scroll down for pics of the stadium & ballpark.

First the food: Here is my combination, the "Superior" = "one chicken tinga enchilada, our famous beef or chicken taco al carbon & chicken tamale." All three were great, especially since Blake and I were staaarving after our flight, but I looooved this beef in my fajita. Sooo tender and flavorful. The waiter wasn't kidding when he said they're known for this beef. I usually go for chicken things, but I had a feeling this beef was going to be good, and it was better than good.

Blake's Coors Light (I'm posting soon about Scott's pic of his Coors Light bottle, which is pretty awesome):

Chips & salsa. This salsa was unique and had a grungier, mole kind of flavor. I'm not sure if there is mole in there...but it definitely didn't taste like the regular tomato salsas I've had. Good!

Chicken quesadillas (so good!):

Here's the monster, Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Each of those arcs is about 1/4 mile long! I had actually seen a special on TV about how huge this place is and how many bathrooms, restaurants, etc. there are inside, so I was extra exited to see this in real life.

Our shuttle driver said that they used to show the game live on this huge screen but that they stopped doing that because it caused too many accidents and too much traffic.

You're not allowed to see past this point unless you're on a tour. Too bad we didn't have enough time for one!

Texas Rangers Ballpark:


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Corriendo said...

Great! Yes. I'd love to return and explore more.