Friday, October 12, 2012

Kirkland Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Clusters at Costco

The first few weeks of school and work have been busy! I've missed blogging about my food. I've been fortunate to eat lots of good food lately, but I've just been chfoosing reading articles, working on my thesis, or sleeping over blogging. Sad. Anyway, Grace and I love getting free samples at Costco together. These dark chocolate clusters were SO GOOD. I'm really picky about mixing chocolate with fruit, so this was a pleasant surprise. The chocolate is mildly sweet because it's dark chocolate...and then almonds are always good with chocolate..and then you get a little kick in the mouth from the slight tartness of the dried cherries. mmm Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. It's hard to take good pics of samples in Costco.

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