Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Korean Cookie (Slightly Sweetened Puffed Rice)

It just took me around 3 hours to complete my stats assignment today. Such an improvement from 7-10 hrs and even 17 hrs first year! Oh to life as a grad student. We did order pizza and had it delivered to us on campus tonight though, which was AWESOME.

Anyway, call me weird, but I love puffed things. Puffed wheat, puffed kamut, puffed rice, Puffins, Golden Crisp, popcorn, etc. Found this at a Korean market in Torrance a few weeks ago when shopping with Grace, Catherine, and Josh. I loved how simple and delicious these things are. I can see a lot of people not particularly loving it because it's rather plain, but I love stuff like this! I really don't always need a lot of fat and sugar to keep me happy. :) Plus, this bag was $1-ish.

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