Monday, January 28, 2013

Food at One of UCLA's Dining Commons

This is not a dining hall. It's just a pretty building.
I visited my cousin, Kristy, at UCLA last weekend. I had been there before, but this was my first time eating their campus food. I've blogged about UC Berkeley's food a few times (see this and this).

Now... On to the food. We each had salads and dessert, so I didn't take pictures of the other food options, which included pizza, meat, and other things. It reminded me of Crossroads because you swipe your ID to use your meal points, there are several food stations with different types of food, and there are many options for salad ingredients, desserts, drinks, etc....and everyone grabs whatever and then puts their trays on a rotating tray collecting thing. :P I should have taken more pictures. My bad.

They had a nice salad bar that reminded me of UC Berkeley's.

We split a s'mores pizza. Yeah! It was pretty good. Not overly sweet.

Other dessert options (I enjoyed this very creamy pumpkin mousse, although it was quite spiced up):

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