Monday, June 9, 2014

Tacos & Churros @ Tacolicious - San Francisco


Blake and I had a disappointing dinner in SF, so we tried to end the night on a happy note (food-wise) and ate a tiny bit at Tacolicious. So glad we did because we both enjoyed our food even if it was just a couple of tacos (with yummy dipping sauces!). Then we tried their fresh churros, which you dunk into a bitter dark chocolate sauce. Very hot and fresh. Very good. However, while I usually love bitter chocolate (even up to 75-80% -- but not higher than that), this was a little too bitter for me. Otherwise, the atmosphere was cool (modern, spacious, busy), service was quick, and the food was good. I do have to say, however, that while the flavors, textures, and freshness were perfect, these were expensive tacos, and you can definitely spend much less on equally delicious (or better) tacos in Central Cal or SoCal.

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