Monday, March 28, 2016

Apple Pancake from Richard Walker's Pancake House - San Diego, CA

Richard Walker's Pancake House
Website here (Several locations)

I was in San Diego in January with my now in-laws :) and happened to eat at this pancake place. I'd never heard about it before, but apparently they're known for their made-to-order baked pancakes. My bro-in-law mentioned that their apple pancake looked good and suggested that I try it. Of course I ordered it. Their website describes the pancake with this description: "Fresh Granny Smith apples and pure imported cinnamon glaze." I was worried it might be too sweet, but I imagined a delicious Dutch baby smothered in apples and cinnamon and just had to try it. I'm so glad I did because it was SO delicious. I'd love to try their other baked pancakes. I want to try making this too. Dutch babies aren't too hopefully adding some cinnamon and apples wouldn't be too challenging. Now my mouth is watering!
I promise it only looks like a baked chicken. lol It tastes like APPLE PANCAKE HEAVEN!

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