Friday, July 18, 2008

Davis's Caffe Italia 7/18/08

Man...I need to figure out lighting on my camera. Like our square-and-triangle tic-tac-toe? It's too bad you can't see our other drawings.

Heck yeah, grease. ...ew.

Aside from the inevitable grease, I liked this place. They have the basics (e.g., pancakes, french toast, eggs, hash browns). You can put a buncha different sweet fruit toppings on your waffle, but I chose the egg-and-bacon option and then replaced the bacon w/ sausage. Service was fast and friendly. They put paper on the table so you can draw weird cross-dressing creatures. Woody atmosphere? haha Lots of wooden structures and stuff inside. I dunno. Bad at describing architecture/interior design-related things. They have two jelly bean jars for McCain and Obama. So far slightly more people seem to like Obama. What if we like neither? Anyways, I'd go back. Seem to have a nice lunch/dinner menu too. I want their chocolate lasagna thing.

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