Monday, July 21, 2008

Fresno's Imperial Garden 7/13/08

* UPDATE: They changed owners!! I heard the food is completely different and not nearly as great anymore. :( What a tragedy.

My family's favorite Chinese restaurant...and the place where we see someone we know every single time. I'm sure other Asian Fresnans tend to experience that as well. This time we saw my former boss (aka Dad's friend) and his family.

Taro root dim sum:

This thing was good! Meat and shrimp inside a fried dumpling-like thing...only it was pretty much mochi.

same thing:

Walnut prawns (i think that's what this place calls it). I could eat a hundred of those candied walnuts:


This was in celebration of my uncle's bday. Or maybe it was for my mom's too. Pretty much manju. Whoa! I just read on Wikipedia that "manju" means "pleasing" or "sweet" in Sanskrit. It's apparently an Indian name too (if you Google "manju," you see more pics of Indian women on the first page than you do Japanese manju).

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