Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SF's Obon + J-Town 7/20/08

Obon food (so I suck cuz I didn't eat much, and I didn't take many pics at obon):

This was $4.00. Maybe pricey for how much this was, but it's for the church! It was pretty tasty too. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to try their curry, chicken, and gyoza, all of which looked SO GOOD. :o( Next time.

My smooshed chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. Looks nasty here, but you shoulda seen it at the end of the night after several hours of being inside my bag. It was really good though. It's pretty hard to make peanut butter taste bad...or so I think.

Nijiya (Japanese grocery store in J-Town):

These things are sooo good. Shoyu(soy sauce)-y, sugary, crunchy. Sweet and salty. Didn't buy any.

Looks like they sliced a sea cucumber. Seems to be made of octopus or shrimp or something. It says "tako sen(du/zu)i" or something. Sorry...a bit white-washed here. I know tako = octopus!

Crepe w/ French Vanilla ice cream from Sophie's Crepes in J-Town:

Nasty mayo container that grosses me out. Maybe I need more labels to cover the nasty color or something. The baby doesn't really make sense to me. The container is too squishy.

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