Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grandparents' Japanese Treats

My grandparents received these Japanese treats from another family I think as a housewarming gift (they recently moved in with us). Mom said you're supposed to give them to guests. I was surprised at how huge those bean jelly/jello things were (kanten & that other word i can't think of right now). Hopefully the Japanese aren't starting to supersize like Americans do.... Anyways, I already knew what these things would taste I didn't eat them (they're not really good). Pretty much sembe/arare (pretty much crunchy crackers made with soy sauce, sugar, sometimes fishy things, etc.; sounds gross, but they can be tasty sometimes) and those too-sweet jelly things with red beans in them. Oh! And they included little mini scoopers/spoons with which to eat the jelly things. Japanese and their cute things.

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