Monday, October 26, 2009

Fresno Betsuin Food Bazaar Food

Here's my boxed lunch. All good except for the rice, which was just okay. I don't like how they sweetened and vinegar-ed it. The sliced cucumbers are sweet and kinda sour-ish (like pickled vegetables). The chicken is chicken teriyaki. You can barely see the gyoza (Japanese potsticker) behind the chicken. I think there were three gyoza before I ate two of them.

The Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple) has many events throughout the year (like Obon, which every Japanese Buddhist temple has once per year - like OCBC's temple), and the food bazaar is one of them. This was the first time I'd gone to the bazaar in four years or so, so I was surprised to see the church fancied up in Japanese decorations. The food booths looked like little stores in Japan, with wooden structures and pink flowers hanging down. They sold teriyaki burgers, gyoza, chow mein (not Japanese food...haha!), cakes & pies, shrimp & vegetable tempura, shaved ice (can include ice cream, azuki, and/or condensed milk), beef sticks, Japanese curry over rice, teriyaki chicken, and these things called "shrimp fritters," which weren't as great as I thought they'd be (I had something like it years before that were amazing, but these were pretty much fried batter with occasional vegetables and shrimp).

I got my shaved ice with cherry and grape flavors, vanilla ice cream (at the bottom), and condensed milk (on top). MM!

Sorry I didn't take a camera. Dumb. :(

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