Tuesday, June 8, 2010

**Great Harvest's Peach Pie Scone**

This is my new favorite Great Harvest product. Got three (two for my co-workers and one for my mom). It's not too sweet, it has big chunks of peaches, and it tastes delicious. I'm always hesitant to buy sweets that are sprinkled with sugar/cinnamon/whatever mixtures because they can be too sweet, but this is perfect. Go eat one--now! Hopefully there's a Great Harvest near you, and hopefully the one near you sells this (not all of the branches have the same menus). And hopefully you like peaches. I believe it was $2.65 or something. Todd would be able to correct me. haha

I'd add one or two more chunks of peach if I could change one thing about it. And yes...I am aware of that knife showing. :)

Without flash in my car:


Verent said...

It's a great harvest feast!

I like how you turned peach into strawberry!

Corriendo said...

haha oops. yeah. it does look like strawberry.