Monday, July 19, 2010

Mini Green Tea Popsicles!

$5.99 at R-N Market (the one at Cedar & Herndon in Fresno)

*Oops! I forgot to say that these were really good. Those popsicles at R-N that are tea but covered in a condensed milk layer with a little an (red bean paste) at the top (?) are good too, but I prefer just plain ol' green tea ice cream popsicles. YUM. The only thing I didn't like about these particular mini popsicles is that they produce that weird, goopy, sticky feeling in your mouth (or your hands or whatever) when you get to the end (just a tiny bit though). You know...that filmy stuff that forms when things aren't covered or something. Ice cream popsicles have this problem. Oh--and I don't like the taste of wood in my food (not a fan of wooden popsicle sticks).

Eating this reminded me of this green tea popsicle I had in Japan a few years ago. We really have a lot of Japanese things in America. It's funny how the Japanese host family with whom my friends and I stayed didn't know how much Japanese influence exists over here.


Gail said...

oo were they any good?

Corriendo said...

oops. i edited it to add my opinion of the flavor. they were really good!

Anonymous said...

They are soooo Good juss had one last night.

Corriendo said...

I know! I want one now!