Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Compré Sandia Deliciosa a La Taquería Azteca

Taquería Azteca --> $2.06 for a small agua de sandia
Ironwood Plaza
23900 Ironwood Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92557

"Moreno" reminds me of Fresno's newscaster, Graciela Moreno. haha! I'm counting this as Riverside because it's right next to it. I found this place because of my stupidity. I drove into this little shopping center on my way home because I saw a Fresh and Easy, but when I got into the parking lot, I found that they haven't finished constructing its insides. Darn! But it's okay because then I found this place that had signs outside announcing its jugos (juices) and other drinks. Mmm!

I actually chose sandia (watermelon juice...agua de sandia? watermelon water sounds weird) over horchata! I had wonderful watermelon juice at International House in Berkeley, so ever since then I've been on the lookout for more. I finally found one! I'm sure lots of other Mexican places sell it though (I remember my Uncle Jerry bought a watermelon juice from a Berkeley restaurant called Cancun, where they have a zillion different types of salsa--so cool!). What I love about it is that it has little chunks of watermelon floating in it. Yummy! Taquería Azteca has other drinks the ones pictured below (orange pineapple, lemonade, sandia, horchata, strawberry banana, etc.). I didn't take more pictures because a guy saw me and probably thought I was weird for taking a picture. Next time I'll try another drink maybe but for sure a taco!! :)


Catherina said...

I'm pressing an imaginary Facebook "like" button a million times for this post! How refreshing that drink looks!

Corriendo said...

haha. yeahhh! i'll bet they have this in fresno somewhere.