Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ren Ten's Tea Time

Ren Ten's Tea Time
1400 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507


Michelle F and I got tea in Fresno one of the last times we hung out, and today we ended up at this place near UC Riverside's campus. I wish I hadn't gotten the lychee/lichi green tea because I don't like the strong lychee flavor, but I do like lychee black tea. I explain a little more below. The lychee flavor itself is gross. Anyway, it was Michelle, Chris, and me. :)

First we were given a free wheat germ green milk tea sample:

I got excited about this lichi green tea, BUT I forgot that some teas are flavored after the tea is made. STUPID. I was assuming it was lichi/lychee tea like the kind they sell at Teazer in Fresno, but nope. So this one tasted a lot like lychee, which I don't really like. I just like unflavored lychee tea because it doesn't actually taste like lychee. Kinda confusing.

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