Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casey's Cupcakes' Red Velvet Cupcake

Casey's Cupcakes
3649 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA
Website here. Flavors here.


*edit* I went back and re-tried this (3/20/12), and it's better now!The frosting was clearly made with cream cheese. Yay. I approve...BUT I'm convinced that the best red velvet cupcake in the world is from Chiffono's in Fresno, CA. Seriously.

Today Chris and Michelle decided to take me to Mission Inn, a pretty famous (a few presidents have stayed there, and President Nixon got married there), beautiful hotel in Downtown Riverside. Right next to the hotel, we found a cute little cupcake place. We split a regular red velvet cupcake (they have a gluten-free one too), which was moist and yummy on the inside, but it didn't have cream cheese frosting! Whaaat?? :o( Oh well. At least the cake part was really good. Don't get me wrong--the frosting isn't bad; I just get so sad when the frosting doesn't taste like cream cheese. And yes, I am aware that the original red velvet cake did NOT have cream cheese frosting. It had THIS frosting, which I made with my mom on July 3rd, 2011 for a 4th of July lunch.

They had a bunch of different kinds of cupcakes, including a Spock one that Michelle pointed out:

Here's the inside of the "Rockin' Red Velvet" (Sorry you can't see the inside very well):


Catherina said...

What a cute place! Their cupcake presentation looks lovely and I really like the striped box. That red velvet looks yummy! What kind of frosting did they use?

Corriendo said...

yeah! it's a cute place with pretty everything. :) the frosting was just a plain buttercream, which is fine on other cupcakes, but i demand my red velvets to be covered in the best cream cheese frosting!! lol otherwise i might as well just eat chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.