Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maroo - Fresno, CA

2075 W. Bullard Ave.
Fresno, CA 93711
Website here.

After having the heavenly bread pudding at Cracked Pepper Bistro last night, we headed over to Maroo for our dinner. Yes--we had dessert first! Anway, we had a couple of sake bombs and shared this bulgolgi dinner (to me bulgolgi is like the Korean version of teriyaki--not that Koreans copied the Japanese; it's just how I see it since I've grown up with teriyaki...kinda like how bierocks are like German hamburgers or German calzones). The bulgolgi was delicious, as was everything else (bean sprouts, cucumber sunomono, gyoza, rice, and the onions under the bulgolgi). They did spell "gyoza" incorrectly though ("gyoja"). Gyoza is a Japanese potsticker. Spelling errors on menus drive me nuts. Anyway, yum! I'd go back. That jalapeno dipping sauce was good too! Speaking of bulgolgi, I think the last time I had it (and the first time I tried bulgolgi) was in a sandwich at Espresso Experience in Berkeley.

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