Thursday, July 7, 2011

TO-DIE-FOR Bread Pudding at Cracked Pepper Bistro - Fresno, CA

Cracked Pepper Bistro
389 E. Shaw Ave., #102
Fresno, CA 93710
Website here.

Michelle S. and I ate here last night (7.6.11), but it wasn't our first time eating this sweet, moist, creamy, indulgent piece of HEAVEN. I'd tried it about a year ago with my family following a meal and then promised myself that I'd go back just to share it alone with someone (a waitress said people often visit just for the bread pudding). So then I ranted and raved about it to Michelle, who went with her cousin to try it, and she fell in love as well. Then we tried going with Paul during the day but found that it's only open during dinner hours, so this post is about last night's visit. I hope I don't raise anyone's hopes up too high, but man this is good. It is sweet (of course), so you might want some black coffee to go with it. Anyway, the bread pudding is not on the menu, but they describe it and the other dessert option(s?) out loud. It's made of cream cheese danishes, dinner rolls, croissants, and real whipped cream (that really makes all the difference!). I'm not sure what's in the sauce, but it tasted kinda like caramel.


If you're curious about their dinner food, I had the "Pan Seared Berkshire Pork Chop Sweet potato and sausage hash finished with pomegranate reduction," which was very good, but I honestly can't remember if it was just good or great. To me, that means that it wasn't fantastic. My parents and brother enjoyed their dishes. Here is their menu.

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