Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lemon Drop Jello Shots!

These are just awesome. I was going to just bring these potato wedges to a Halloween party, but then I found this on Food Gawker and couldn't resist. Here is the link to the recipe. My friends loved the idea and said that they tasted good. They're basically just lemon Jell-o mix, water, & vodka, but they look really cool. Scroll down for more ideas!

Before you slice them into little wedges, you refrigerate them like this:

Here are some other great ideas I'd love to try in the future:

(1) Strawberry margarita Jell-o shooters
(2) Caramel apple shots with real apples
(3) Candy corn Jell-o shots
(4) Watermelon lime Jell-o shots
(5) Pink lemonade Jell-o shots
(6) Strawberry Jell-o shots in mini chocolate bowls

Aren't those creative and pretty? I've gotta make these either for or with my cousin, Ashley, who loves Jell-o.


(1) Empty out the citrus of your choice to create a little cup
(2) Juice citrus first to make pulp removal easier (I shoulda done this). Save extracted juice for later recipes.
(3) Use either a grapefruit knife to hollow out the citrus or turn them inside out & dig deeply into the pith until you catch the thin membrane holding the pulp and then peel back. * Make sure to completely clean out your citrus or the pulp will show in the wedges*
(4) Make Jell-O according to the instructions on the box & then reduce the cold water portion by ¼ cup & replace with your chilled drink mix (I just added vodka)
(5) Place emptied citrus into muffin pan holes
(6) Pour mixture into emptied citrus & chill overnight or for at least a couple of hours (maybe 3?)
(7) Use a sharp, straight edge knife to cut into wedges to avoid leaving track marks

 *Note: I used one 6-oz box of lemon-flavored Jell-o and used a little less than 1/4 cup of vodka 'cause I was afraid of making them too strong.

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