Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rockin' Baja: Bite San Diego Tour Stop #5 - San Diego, CA

Rockin' Baja
3890 Twiggs St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Here's stop #5 on our Old Town Bite San Diego food tour (Stop #1 was at D'O Thai Cottage, stop #2 was at Old Town Mexican Cafe, stop #3 was at Temecula Olive Oil, and stop #4 was at San Diego House).

I'm only a shrimp fan when I can't feel the outer texture too much. I love the pop you get from biting it, but I don't like the wrinkles on the outside or the taste of cold cocktail shrimp, which actually makes me nauseous just looking at it or smelling it. Disgusting. Anyway, I was able to eat two of these because I covered them in the tequila lime sauce. This tasting was pretty good (butter and garlic dishes tend to be amazing), although the alcohol taste was pretty strong, so not EVERYONE would like it. It is Rockin' Baja's specialty (see menu below) though, so that's gotta mean a lot of people love it.

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