Tuesday, August 21, 2012

San Diego House: San Diego Bites Tour Stop #4 - San Diego, CA

San Diego House
2767 San Diego Ave.San Diego, CA 92110

Here's stop #4 on our Old Town Bite San Diego food tour (Stop #1 was at D'O Thai Cottage, stop #2 was at Old Town Mexican Cafe, and stop #3 was at Temecula Olive Oil.

I love these bottles!

One of the teas tasted like honey, and the other tasted like an unsweetened black tea. I didn't take a picture of one of them.

Coffee (I believe it was a special Kona blend. I wrote that in my notes.):

I actually did not like this chocolate, but everyone else seemed to.
 This spicy Maya hot chocolate was really good:

Speaking of spicy Maya chocolate, they had a bar there of that and another of potato chips and another of panko! By the way, "panko" is pronounced "pah-n-koh" - not "pain-koh."

Yummy red velvet shake

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