Monday, June 14, 2010

Dessert Before Lunch at Mitsuwa

My family and pretty much every Japanese person (or person familiar with Japanese culture) I know loves Mitsuwa and goes there when they make trips near one of the stores. We went to a smaller Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa, CA. Here are their other locations. I've talked about Mitsuwa here and here.

A few of my relatives and I were laughing at my uncle because he was ordering food at the one and only non-Japanese place there (see picture below). It turned out he was buying us delicious desserts to eat before our lunch food. BEST IDEA EVER I say. I prefer sweets before savory foods, actually.
Green tea cream puff? I'm guessing? That's what it is if it's not officially called that. It tasted a lot like this one from Beard Papa. It was really, really good! I'd definitely buy it!

This fruit thing below was good too. The bottom ( pic) was a soft, smooth custard that tasted very creamy.

And, finally, my actual meal: shoyu ramen. The cup was my mom's share (She had already eaten a big meal, so she just took a little of my noodles).

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