Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elephant Thai Cuisine - Riverside, CA

Elephant Thai Cuisine
3720 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 682-9300

Appetizer: Money balls
Had Thai food with Mia and Nicole in Downtown Riverside after The Amazing College Race on Sunday, 1/22/12 (I will blog about that later because I had a smoothie that was directly related to the race). The food was great, but my favorite will probably always be Thai Royal Orchid in Fresno and Thai House in Berkeley, which I don't believe I ever photographed. I would go back to Elephant though! While the money balls were interesting and tasty, I think they could have used a tiny bit more flavor on the inside. If I go back, I'd try a different appetizer (but if I were in a group and most people wanted the money bags, that'd be fine with me too) and other dishes too, although I did think the pad thai and the pad see-ew were delicious! Reminds me of the time when Michelle S and I made pad thai for Filipino Club in high school. Yeah...I know that doesn't make sense. Anyway, here are the pictures!

Inside the "Money ball" - veggies, ground lean meat, rice. Not amazing, but still interesting and yummy!

Pad thai. I will never get tired of pad thai unless I have a bad dish or if I eat it every single meal. This was great, but if you don't like green onions, don't eat those big green onions, of course.

Pad see-ew, another one of my favorites. We got beef since the pad thai was chicken.


Kate said...

I could honestly eat Thai food every day of the year. I always judge Thai restaurants by the quality of their soups. If they get them wrong, I am unlikely to enjoy the rest of their dishes! A good soup must be rich and creamy and that is exactly how it tastes at Pi-Tom´s, my favourite Thai restaurant in Toronto. A lot of people believe that anything cooked at home tastes better, but I don´t think so. Maybe it is just me, but the food at most restaurants tastes much better than my own cooking.

Corriendo said...

Thanks for the comment! If I were in or near Toronto, I would definitely try that place! Yes. Many restaurants make food that is fantastic and way better than what I can make!