Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Greek Fest 2010 Pics / Greek Fest 2011 Info - Fresno, CA

I know this is a year late, but it's actually a good time to feature this because this year's Greek Fest is coming up this weekend! My parents and I loved it so much that we're going back again this year.

This year's Fresno Greek Fest:
August 26th - August 28th (Fri, Sat, & Sun)
Website here.
St. George Greek Orthodox Church
Southwest corner of First & Clinton
$5 for adults; 65+ and children (under 12) = Free
Tickets at the gate or in advance: 559-233-0397

It's basically like the Japanese Buddhist Obon festivals I attend every year (see San Jose's, Parlier's, Fresno's, and Orange County's, & San Francisco's) but bigger (and Greek...lol).

I am a major fan of grape leaf-covered food. Like these dolmades pictured above and below and these Armenian yalanchi!

Loukoumades (see a description here). Like Greek honey donuts. Ohh my gosh. They're similar to gulab jamun, the honey balls (that ones I don't like) that you find in India, Pakistan, Nepal, & Bangladesh, but the loukoumades are smaller, lighter/less dense, and less overwhelmingly honey-tasting). I realized that I don't really like the typical donuts you find in American donut shops, but I do enjoy donut-like things from other cultures. These loukoumades are sooo good fresh and piping hot...churros are delicious...etc. There are some crazy non-traditional donuts in places like New York City that I want to try though. Anyway, seriously...these little guys below with coffee...perfect!

An iced coffee drink that wasn't too sweet! Awesome!

 This grainy coffee drink was sooo good in my opinion, but if you don't like having a grainy texture in your coffee, and if you don't like strong coffee, you probably won't like this:

After we ate food outside, we got boxes of food that you get inside the building. YUM!! I wanted to get boxes and boxes of everything!

I have to be honest though...some of the sweets we tried were just okay...or not so great. I am picky about my sweets! I don't like things that are too sweet, which I think was the problem with some of these (you know...like how baklava can be wayyy sweet sometimes). Some of them I remember were just too bland and nothing special. I almost always lie powdered sugar-covered cookies though!

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