Monday, September 19, 2011

Homemade Watermelon Juice (Sandia)

I love watermelon juice and watermelon drinks. I love it with and without the pulp. First tried it in Berkeley at IHouse (International House) and also at Cancun Taquería, a good Berkeley restaurant with a big salsa bar (I posted about it here). I've also had it in Moreno Valley (near Riverside) at Taquería Azteca.

Anyway, so for this juice I just blended together some fresh watermelon slices (without the rind), water, and sugar and then added ice. I'd say that you don't actually need the sugar, but just play around with the ingredients and figure out how you like it. It's also good if you blend the ice so that it's a watermelon smoothie! And obviously you can add vodka and/or lime or something, but then it wouldn't be watermelon juice!!

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