Monday, August 27, 2012

The Wine Cabana Bite San Diego Tour Stop #7 - San Diego, CA

Here's stop #7 on our Old Town Bite San Diego food tour
* Stop #1: D'O Thai Cottage,
* Stop #2: Old Town Mexican Cafe
* Stop #3: Temecula Olive Oil
* Stop #4: San Diego House
* Stop #5: Rockin' Baja
* Stop #6: 25 Forty Bistro & Bakehouse

The Wine Cabana
2539 Congress Street
San Diego, CA 92110

We concluded our tour here. It was a very relaxing way to end it because this outdoor area was very lounge-y and comfortable. It'd be so fun to return with friends sometime.

Sorry. Not the best picture. We passed this platter around, so there wasn't a great shot opportunity by the time it came around to where I was sitting.

My favorite was the parmesan cheese. It had an interesting texture that I don't remember feeling when eating other parmesan cheeses. I liked all three though. Wish I had noted the names.

Malbec. I finally found a red wine that I like!

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