Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Food Tour Round-Up: Chicago, Seattle, & San Diego

How could you not love a good food tour? All you do is follow the guide, listen to the historical and food-related information, and sample delicious food. Plus you get to walk some of it off, meet some cool people (hopefully), and see where you want to explore in the city (if you do this early in your trip). You don't get much time (if any) to shop at each stop, but usually the stops are close enough to each other that you can always return. I think the best part about going on a food tour is that you get to sample a variety of things from different places all within two hours or so.

I've gone on all of these tours with my parents and brother. Thank goodness they enjoy food and trying new things like me! I'd have to say that my favorite tour was the Chicago Food Planet Tour because the samples were the best in taste and size. All were great, and I'd recommend food tours to people who love food and trying new things. See below for a summary and links to each stop!

Chicago Food Planet Tour: 08/07/08

* Stop #1: Latke at Azkenaz Deli
* Stop #2: Orange black tea at Tea Gschwendner
* Stop #3: Spices at The Spice House
* Stop #4: Oils and balsamic vinegars at Old Town Oil
* Stop #5: Chocolate at The Fudge Pot
* Stop #6: Bread & cheese at Catering Chocolate
* Stop #7: Stuffed crust spinach pizza at Bacino's - My favorite food tour stop ever
* Stop #8: Truffles at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge

Taste Pike Place Food Tour with Seattle Food Tours: August 2010

* Stop #1: Salami & cheese at De Laurenti's
* Stop #2: Gelato at Bottega Italiana
* Stop #3: Crumpet at The Crumpet Shop
* Stop #4: Clam Chowder at Pike Place Chowder
* Stop #5: Salmon at Pike Place Fish
* Stop #6: Truffle Oil at La Buona Travola
* Stop #7: Fresh fruit from Martin Family Orchards
* Stop #8: Steelhead Diner

Old Town Bite San Diego food tour: August 2012

* Stop #1: D'O Thai Cottage
* Stop #2: Old Town Mexican Cafe
* Stop #3: Temecula Olive Oil
* Stop #4: San Diego House
* Stop #5: Rockin' Baja
* Stop #6: 25 Forty Bistro & Bakehouse
* Stop #7: The Wine Cabana

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